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Cuba Libre Salsa Trip - VI edition

Termin: 23 January - 6 February 2020
Czas trwania: 15
Zakwaterowanie: casas particulares

Is there a better place to dance salsa than Cuba? Enjoy hot climate, dancing, beautiful beaches and charming colonial towns. This green Caraibian island is full of life! People dance everywhere and all the time. A very unique structure of dancing classes gives you amazing opportunity to learn salsa steps in a fast efficient way - in a group but with an individual Cuban partner only for you! You can be a beginner or you can be a dance teacher - your progress will be huge.


About the trip

Rueda de casino na dachu Palacio del Valle tańczona o zachodzie słońca - bezcenna! Cienfuegos, Kuba
Beata Radecka

We are a professional registered tour operator and we are organizing dancing trips to Cuba for more than 5 years.

Our small groups are always dancing with local Cuban dance instructors which gives you the best results. In addition you can try rum, cigars and a little bit of beach stay - it is Caribbean coast after all! Another project with Salsa Libre - the best salsa school from Warsaw.

Program day by day

Day 1. Flight to Havana

Flight to Havana from any part of the world. We're going to Cuba! We land in hot Havana. After a meticulous passport control, we will collect luggage and we will be welcomed by our local representative. Private transfer to the lodging. We will stay at homestays ( famous casas particulares), in the city centre, a few steps from old town. First opportunity to dance in Havana!

Day 2. A walk around old Havana and from mojito to daiquiri, which is the Hemingway bars trail

We will start our adventure at Cuba from the amazing, historic, but strongly damaged by weather and time capital. Old Havana is changing very quickly, becoming more beautiful every day. But the decaying residences have their own decadent charm.

Kabrioletem po Hawanie - obowiązkowo! Kuba
Beata Radecka

First we will see the Capitol - former parliament, renovated for many years, and the Central Park with the beautiful García Lorca theater - built in 1837 in which personalities such as Enrico Caruso or Sarah Bernhardt were acclaimed and where the world-famous Ballet National de Cuba performs. Walking through the city center we will head for the first dance lesson. We will get to know our team of dancers. First, a warm-up, and what is most important in an “a lo Cubano” dance - movements, teaching us that dance is not only the steps, but all the body movement. Then everyone will get their partner and at their level we will explore the secrets of Cuban salsa. At the end, we will have a “rueda de casino”, or circle dance with frequent change of partners. Time for the first simple meal: rice with black beans, beef or fish, shrimp or lobster … After lunch we are going to explore old town - Havana Vieja. At Plaza de Armas (this is the main square of the city) we will be greeted by a powerful fortress, the oldest building of the capital: Castillo de la Real Fuerza. We will see the place where Havana was founded in 1519.

We set off along Havana following the Ernest Hemingway trail. In order to enjoy Havana's most famous promenade, we will go to the writer's favorite bar, La Bodeguita del Medio. We will visit the Hotel Ambos Mundos, in which the author of “The Old Man and the Sea” lived. A short break in the next favorite bar of the Nobel laureate: Floridita at calle Obispo. There we can take a photo with Hemingway (only some cool and stiff …) and be sure to try his favorite drink, which is daiquiri.

Kuba 2017
Beata Radecka

Day 3. Cabrio ride and the fortress

This day we start with a panorama of Havana from the other side. First, we will take rickshaws to the port, and then we will take a ferry to Casablanca.

We will go to the fortress Castillo El Morro, towering on the other side of the bay. From there you can see the whole of old Havana: the dome of the Capitol, Malecon with famous Hotel National and Edificio Focsa, which looks like an open book and it is the tallest building in Havana - 130 meters. Historic forts on both sides of the bay remind the times of its former glory, when Spanish galleons filled with silver and gold were coming to Havana and the entrance to the port was closed at night with a chain. Mighty walls and cannons once welcomed unwanted visitors. Now they create a fantastic scenery for photos. But even these massive stone forts did not save Havana from the attack of the English, who took El Morro from behind and burned the city from there.

We can go for a ride in colorful convertibles from the fifties: wind blowing in your hair, beautiful shots with famous National Hotel in the background - it is just priceless!

In the afternoon we will go to the Palenque, where usually on Saturdays from 15:00 to 18:00 we can enjoy the best performance of Afro-Cuban dances. Rumba, guaguancó, yambú - we'll see what they look like, performed by the best dancers on the island. It is the seat of a sensational folk band (yes, yes!), the Conjunto Folclórico Nacional. Then we will enjoy another salsa lesson with our instructors.

On Saturday night we can go to Fabrica de Arte Cubana In the former oil factory, the space is artfully arranged and exhibitions, shows and concerts take place.

Kuba - lekcje salsy z kubańskimi instruktorami
Beata Radecka

Day 4. Callejón, Malecón and ice cream at Coppelia

After the madness of Saturday night, the morning will start later. Walk along Malecón - is a seaside boulevard, where social life goes on. We set off to the very colorful museum of Afro-Cuban culture, the Callejón de Hammel, where on Sundays from 12:00 to 15:00 you can enjoy afro dance shows. Of course, with live music. For dessert, we'll go for ice cream at the iconic Coppelia. Are there still queues lined up? What is the taste of the awaited balls? Another dance lesson, and then craziness until the next morning: we offer a salsa party at the well-known club Jardines 1830.

Day 5. Day off or trip: Tobacco and cigars, that is to Pinar del Río

Day at leisure for a personal discovery of Havana City. The city invites you to unveil all of its secrets, its culture, its people, its ambience. Either on foot or riding in American old timers, Havana will seduce all of your senses.

Fusterlandia, Kuba
Madonna, kowboj, syrena... Wszystko co ważne dla Kubańczyków. Fusterlandia, Kuba
Beata Radecka

An optional trip to the province of Pinar del Río and the Viñales Tobacco Valley - with beautiful pine forests, famous for its tobacco plantations and the production of world-famous cigars. We'll start with Fusterland, which is the work of one artist - the entire district made of colorful mosaics. A tribute to Antonio Gaudi's art, and the perfect place for photos.

Na tle mozaiki z kultowym dla Kubańczyków statkiem Granma, którym przypłynęli Fidel, Raul, Che Guevara, i zrobili rewolucję. Fusterlandia, Kuba
Na tle mozaiki z kultowym dla Kubańczyków statkiem Granma, którym przypłynęli Fidel, Raul, Che Guevara, i zrobili rewolucję. Fusterlandia, Kuba
Beata Radecka

On the way, we will stop at Las Terazzas, where we will take a walk and breathe fresh air in beautiful environment.

Duch kultowego pieśniarza krąży nad wodami... Las Terrazas, Kuba
Duch kultowego pieśniarza krąży nad wodami... Las Terrazas, Kuba
Beata Radecka

It is worth taking a swim in the river. We will also visit the house of Polo Montañez, the famous singer who died prematurely.

Przed domkiem Polo Montaneza tańczymy do jego piosenek. Las Terrazas, Kuba
Przed domkiem Polo Montaneza tańczymy do jego piosenek. Las Terrazas, Kuba
Beata Radecka

We will stop for a photo session with a wide view of the mogotes. Overnight in a deep province, in beautiful natural circumstances. The price of the trip includes evening performances and dance shows. Then there will be an opportunity to go dancing! This time we'll try our hand at dancing in a local, atmospheric dance with local beauties and hunks. (Price of 2 day trip including all entrance tickets is 110 euro)

Day 6. Day off at Havana or visit La Cueva del Indio (if being at Viñales)

We will go to the cave known as Cueva del Indio, in which furtive slaves used to hide. We will enjoy a bout trip through its underground river whilst exploring the cave famous for its beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

Wypływamy z jaskini Cueva del Indio. Vinales, Kuba
Wypływamy z jaskini Cueva del Indio. Vinales, Kuba
Beata Radecka

Afterwards, we will visit a tobacco plantation, where we will see how tobacco leaves are dried and how cigars are rolled. It will be possible to buy cigars “straight from the peasant”.

Beata Radecka

We're going back to Havana for another dance lesson and a salsa evening. Night out can be at the most famous salsa restaurant in Havana: Casa de la Música.

Day 7. From Havana to Matanzas

It will be time to depart towards Matanzas, also known as Cuba’s Athens or the City of the Bridges. After enjoying a tour through the city, we will have a Salsa cocktail party with a one-hour Cuban cocktails open bar at a dance hall in the city center.

A two-hour dance lesson will be held in the evening.

Day 8. Fast boats and clay sculpture

Beata Radecka

After breakfast, we will depart towards Canímar River. For the brave ones optionally there will be a possibility to enjoy a 14 km speed boat journey (two people per speed boat). Through this fun filled experience, we will navigate the river until the old ruins of a warehouse, formerly used by the Spaniards. Upon returning to the piers, we will continue our journey towards Playa Girón, stopping by Finca La Coincidencia, the only project in the island that combines agricultural with art. At the farm, hundreds of fruit trees and over 20 varieties of bamboo are grown. On its 9 hectares, we will find corn, beans, coffee, bananas and mangoes. Its owner, Hector Correa, is an ecological genius that grows almost everything he consumes.

At the farm, we will enjoy a Cuban cocktail lesson and a pottery lesson. Lunch will be served at the farm, utilizing the products grown by Correa. Amongst these products, we will find the moringa and the Jamaica flower.

After lunch, it will be time for an encounter with a local band portraying the Afro-Cuban culture. This band is called Ojundegara.

In the late afternoon, we will continue our journey towards Playa Girón. Once there, it will be time for enjoying our next encounter with the Cuban culture, now with the community project known as Korimakao.

Day 9. From Playa Girón to Trinidad

Before departing towards Trinidad, we will enjoy our sojourn at Bay of Pigs, famous for the counterrevolutionary invasion of Americans. We will also have the opportunity to visit its small museum. Possibility to drink coconut water straight from the freshly cut coconut, for those willing strengthened with a dash of rum. Tasty! You can swim in the cenote known as Cueva de los Peces, and taste crocodile meat. First meeting with the Caribbean Sea! Bathing in emerald water, diving for those willing (you must have a certificate). At the afternoon, we will reach the charming, colonial Trinidad. And we're heading to the party. In this tiny town there are several popular places where you dance under the clouds.

Day 10. Colonial Trinidad


A two-hour dance lesson will be held in the morning.

We get to know the charm of the colonial town palaces, cobbled streets, views from the towers of the nearby mountains and the sea. We will have the opportunity to try a local cocktail with honey and lemon at the ubiquitous Canchánchara restaurant. The town is small, so we have a part of the day for leisure, shopping, or just enjoying the beach.

At night we can go to an authentic karst cave, in which there is … a disco!

Nasza ekipa z Salsa Libre z instruktorami. Trynidad, Kuba 2017
Beata Radecka

Day 11. Under the waterfall

A two-hour dance lesson, and later we have a free day in this beautiful town.

Option: Departure towards Topes de Collantes, nestled in La Sierra del Escambray, nearly 800 meters above sea level, where extraordinarily beautiful forests made up of pine trees can be admired. The high endemism of its wildlife gives important scientific value to Topes de Collantes, as well as the different paths that take visitors to discover the beauty of its landscape and enjoy the sonorous song of birds. Its weather conditions are exceptional, with temperature levels between 16 and 25 Celsius degrees. This micro-climate favors the habitat of over 100 bird species, 45 percent of which are endemic of the country. Such conditions make Topes de Collantes the ideal spot for trekking, discovering the wonders of nature in every step you take.

Wierzchem przez Trynidad
Beata Radecka

Day 12. Beach day or Valle de los Ingenios

Last dance lessons, farewell photos, and then we have time at our disposal. Whoever wants, we will go to the UNESCO-listed Valley of Sugar Mills, Valle de Ingenios. We will see how hacienda looked like and find out how sugar was produced. We can climb Torre de Iznaga, a tower from which there is a magnificent view of the surrounding area, and former slaves were observed.

If you don't feel like going on a trip, you have a day off to relax on the beautiful Caribbean beach! We will have the last dance lesson with Trinidad salseros and we will go partying long into the night.

Spacerkiem po plaży
Beata Radecka

Day 13. Return to Havana

Drive along the Caribbean coast to the town of Cienfuegos. A short look at the port city, called the Pearl of the South. We will see the park José Martí and the Thomas Terry theater and the original Palacio del Valle in the Mudejar style, built by a wealthy industrialist as a gift for his wife. Return to Havana and farewell parties.

Taneczna grupa na Kubie z Salsa Libre, czyli Kuba Libre Salsa Trip
Taneczna grupa na Kubie z Salsa Libre, czyli Kuba Libre Salsa Trip

Day 14. Flight from Havana

Last day in Cuba! Time for the last walks and purchases of rum and cigars. We go to the airport and fly towards Europe.

Day 15. Return

Back home.


Registration till 15 November: 1390 EURO per person

After this date: 1590 EURO per person

The price includes:

  • accommodation in casas particulares, rooms for 2 - 3 persons,
  • breakfasts, including fresh fruit, delicious juices and eggs,
  • transfers by coaches or buses,
  • Havana cabrio and rickshaw ride,
  • Casablanca ferry,
  • a visit to Casa de la Musica in Trinidad,
  • a professional tour leader who will help us to explore the hidden corners of Cuba,
  • insurance.

The price does not include:

  • flights (we can help to buy the flight tickets, unless you prefer to buy it by yourself, the price to be confirmed at the time of booking)
  • dancing classes (16 hours, 8 two-hour-lessons with your Cuban instructor) and entrance tickets - 290 Euro paid upon arrival
  • visa fee (if needed from your country)
  • meals not mentioned in the program (various prices, from 5 to 20 cuc, 1 cuc is a little bit less than 1 euro),
  • admission tickets for dance parties (usually 1 - 5 cuc)
  • transfers to and from dance parties,
  • optional and additional trips.

If you want to join, please send us email:

Sesja zdjęciowa na tle morza i wyniosłej twierdzy Castillo del Moro. Hawana, Kuba
Beata Radecka


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